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The New SAT and ACT Test Prep


Preparing for a test can be intimidating and frustrating for students at any age or educational level. Many people remember the SAT and ACT as tests where studying wouldn’t be helpful, but the amount of preparation material that is currently available demonstrates why that isn’t the case. Most high school students who are now entering universities have received some form of preparation for the SAT or ACT. When students are ranked based on a percentile score as compared to their peers, not having an excellent score can put students at a disadvantage.

Which to Choose? SAT vs. ACT:

The New SAT:

• There are 4 sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math without a calculator and Math with a calculator.

• Both Math sections together equal 800 points & Reading/Writing sections together equal 800 points, totaling 1600 points.

• Science and History questions are integrated in these sections.

• Vocabulary is now in context in the reading and writing sections.

• There is now no penalty for unanswered questions.

• The essay section is now optional.

• All sections including math, now include lengthy paragraphs.

The ACT:

• Requires you to know math formulas. Has no penalty for incorrect answers. Tests vocabulary only through reading comprehension.

• Sections of the ACT are not split, and are instead taken in 45 minutes to over one hour.

• Tallies score based on averages, scored at 1 to 36 average for each of the test’s four sections.

• Has a seperate science section.

• The essay writing section is optional.

The Right Time to Prepare

Much of the stress that comes from taking the ACT or SAT comes from feeling unprepared, which is why beginning preparation as early as possible can help to alleviate some tension. Students should prepare for either exam for at least six to eight weeks, and should take two to three tests to get the best results. Many of our students begin preparing twelve weeks in advance or earlier.

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• Northern Virginia
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• Fairfax County, including Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, McLean, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, Vienna, and Lorton
• Loudon County, which includes Ashburn, Leesburg, and Sterling
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• Suburban Maryland
• Montgomery County, which includes Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, and Germantown.

Is There a Guarantee?

We do guarantee a qualified tutor. However, because of the unique learning styles, educational levels, studying schedules, and life circumstances of each student, we can’t guarantee specific results and score improvements. We aim to give students the right tools, mindset, and focus to push their score potential as far as it can go, without adding any more stress to their lives than they’re already facing. We’ve seen many students who have experienced remarkable success in both the ACT and SAT, including increases of 100 points or more in some individual categories on the SAT.

Take a Practice Test Today

• We offer consultations based on our practice test.
Have you taken the PSAT, and want to know what challenges the SAT may hold? Curious about what the SAT will be like, and where you could use help? With our practice tests, Tutoring for Success can provide you with a detailed analysis of your strengths, and areas where you could use improvements. We also provide analysis based on PSAT scores.

• We focus on the right areas to achieve great results.
Our highly trained test experts work with both practice test and PSAT results to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses. While other tutoring companies may simply provide a printout, we offer detailed, personalized reports created by one of our experts on staff.

• It’s easy and convenient.
We send the practice test to you by mail, along with a return envelope and instructions. You can either self-proctor the exam, or have a parent or friend work with you to provide a more accurate testing experience. If you don’t have a quiet space at home, libraries often provide testing spaces as a service. Just fill out the answer sheet and test booklet, put it in the envelope provided, and drop it into the mail. We’ll get back to you within three days after it has been received, along with a score report and an analysis.

What do you send back?

• A detailed score analysis. College boards score PSAT and SATs based on questions missed, correct answers, and questions which were omitted. While the PSAT does provide some feedback on areas where improvement is needed, we provide valuable tools like our Time Management Analysis, which focuses specifically on how students work within the timing parameters of the test, as well as tips to improve results.

• Guides on what to study. Based on the score analysis, we tell you what areas need work and which materials will be most helpful.

• An in-depth analysis on student strengths. We can help you further strengthen your strong areas to buffer other areas that still need work.

• Discounted tutoring, no hassles. If you’ve decided to use our tutoring services after our practice test analysis, we’ll take $50 off future tutoring sessions. Our tutors are trained, experienced, and ready to help students with effective and proven test-taking strategies. Our lessons are personalized for one-on-one tutoring, and our clients show the results. There are no obligations to make an appointment after the practice test, and we’ll never pressure you with calls.

We work with students throughout VA, MD, and the Washington DC area, and are proud to be a provider of high quality tutoring services since 1994.

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