26 Apr 2018

Last Push to Improve those Grades

With just one-two months left of school, there is actually ample opportunity to improve grades. Doing well on your final exams and final projects can take you from a C to a B or from a B to an A. Here are some best practices to bring your grades to the next level:
  1. Map out your final tasks. The end of the year usually has multi-step projects and exams that are best studied over multiple days. Use a giant calendar or planner to break down your assignments and studying into multiple days so that the final result will be thorough and show detailed understanding.
  2. Focus on areas that you understand the least. This is difficult because we all want to engage in tasks and activities that we are good at. However, if you put aside an extra hour every other day to truly focus and try to understand, your comfort level is bound to improve. If you need help, go to a friend, teacher, parent, or tutor.
  3. Go the extra mile. For your final projects, add something extra to make you truly stand out. If your teacher has given you a rubric, look at it carefully and aim for the highest grade.
  4. Don’t do too much at one time. Space out your work and get enough sleep. While you are sleeping, your brain processes a lot of the information that you have been trying to absorb.
  5. Visualize yourself after completing your work, what you will do with your free time, and how your improved grades will look and make you feel.
  6. Make sure to exercise each day. Regular exercise makes the brain work more efficiently.

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