“Stephen did a great job. He provided mathematical methods and knew how to approach quite a few problems that the school teacher did not.” (RL)

“Stephen was great. He was easy to get along with and Andrew found him an excellent tutor for physics. Stephen was also very flexible, trying to come the night before a test even if it wasn’t our scheduled night. I would highly recommend him.” (AA)

“Thank you for quickly arranging Elizabeth to tutor my son. I would like to put in a “five star” review for her. She walked in the door with a lot of catch up on her hands. She was flexible with staying extra time and squeezing in a couple of extra days before my son’s big quarter test after some quizzes did not go so well.  She interacted very well with my son who is feeling a lot more confident with the material now. I greatly appreciated her efforts.  It will also be great that she can tutor Pre-Calculus and Physics going forward.”

“Elizabeth has been super! My son pulled up his trigonometry grade to an A this last quarter.”

“I want to share with you how happy N and I are with Louis. He is a perfect fit for N and helped guide him in such a positive manner this school year. In fact, N was able to achieve scholar athlete for his spring sports seasons. We plan to continue with Louis through the summer and next year. Thank you for such a wonderful match!”

“Louis is really top-notch—thanks for matching us up with him.”

“Carole was a tutor for my granddaughter last year; she was a very positive and welcoming person. Jordan learned a lot and did well in her Honors English class at Madison.”

“Carole has been our 10-year-old’s writing tutor for almost two years. She’s an experienced teacher who is knowledgeable about teaching resources. What sets her above other tutors is her ability to bond with our son. She takes personal interest in his life and is able to weave it into his exercises and assignments. She even takes time to connect with him between tutoring sessions. As a result, my son looks forward to working with Carole (on his least favorite subject no less) and often complains that she’s leaving ‘so soon’. His work and confidence has improved. We are indebted to Tutoring For Success for finding such a great match for our son.”

“We were very pleased with Mr. Z. He helped our daughter with both math and chemistry. He was very patient and helpful. I would request him again next year if possibly needed. Your service was very efficient and problem-free. Thank you.”

“Teresa has been a pleasure to work with! She easily developed a nice rapport with my teenage daughter and worked very hard to help her! She was great! Thank you Teresa!”

“We never imagined how much of a difference finding the right tutor would make. Teresa has become a total game-changer. Over the year and half she has been working with our son, he has not only made tremendous (well-documented) progress in his reading and writing skills, he has become remarkably more self confident, which has translated into many other areas of his life.

“Teresa always finds new ways to make her sessions fun and engaging. She has really taken the time to get to know our son on a personal level, and incorporate his unique interests and motivations within her lesson plans. She is patient and encouraging, while at the same time challenges our son to stretch beyond his comfort zone and get to the next level. Teresa is more than just a tutor; she is a mentor.”

“Jeanine has been a great tutor for our twin daughters. Not only has she helped with the girls’ most important 11th grade course load but also has vastly improved their time management skills, test preparation, and structure. We feel that because of Jeanine’s guidance, our daughters will be well prepared for their upcoming SAT’s as well. We are very grateful for all her help!”

“Our son’s work with Jeanine helped to reinforce the material (Spanish 1A) he was learning in school as well as to bridge the 6 month gap between Spanish 1A and 1B. As a result of the regular sessions, he was ready to pick up where 1A left off when the new school year started. ”

“Jeanine was my son’s tutor primarily focused on organizational skills and English. She helped him develop his planning skills by utilizing a calendar to plan ahead for upcoming homework and tests and also by cleaning and organizing his class binders. She also helped him develop his reading comprehension and writing skills in preparation for his English SOLs. Jeanine is a very calm and patient teacher. And she helped my son develop his skills and feel more confident in himself.”

“Brian’s tutoring with Pete seems to be going well. He says it helps and he gets on well with Pete. I like a couple of things Pete has done. He called back after one tutoring session to talk to Brian because he had figured out something they couldn’t figure out during the session. I loved seeing that follow up. He also requested that we get lesson plans for a few weeks in advance so he could better prepare Brian for what’s coming. We got topics from the teacher with some suggestions on what else Brian could do. Pete said that helped him focus his tutoring.”

“Elizabeth is great! She works really well with Sage and always offers feedback and different techniques which Sage can benefit from!”

“There have been marked improvements in both kids grades – which is fantastic.  Chris actually enjoys Spanish now and Nate has a solid B in Geometry!  I really can’t say enough good things about Louis.  He has been fantastic for both of the boys growth and success.”

“After just a few sessions with Pete, I am thrilled to report that Rohan is already doing better in science!”

“Thanks for working with me to help him – we both really like Pete and look forward to working more with him.”

“Steven has been great and has helped Lilly a lot.  She is definitely more confident with Calculus.”  (KL)

“Maya is working out perfectly.

The boys writing has gotten so much better and they really enjoy her company.

They seem to benefit from her style of teaching.

Thank you for finding Maya!” (PB)