07 Oct 2014

AP American History Course Has New Curriculum – And Controvery


Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that the College Board’s changes to the AP History curriculum have provoked protests in Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Conservatives claimed that the changes did not present the U.S. in a positive enough light.  Defenders from the College Board claim that the revisions are accurate and encourage analytical thinking even as they expose some uncomfortable aspects of American history and conflict between social conservatives and liberals.

“The new AP history curriculum adds two periods: life in the Americas from 1491 to 1607, which addresses the conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers, and from 1980 to the present, which includes the rise of social conservatism and the battles over issues such as abortion, as well as the fight against terrorism after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and demographic and economic shifts of the 21st century.”

The changes are a framework, meaning that teachers have a choice of curricular materials and can add topics relevant to their communities.

Jefferson County, Colorado, is not the only county to object to the changes:

“On September 19th, the Texas State Board of Education went on record against allowing the new AP curriculum framework in state classrooms. Legislators and activists in South Carolina and Tennessee are discussing similar moves.”

Ironically, one of additions to the curriculum, which includes the rise of social conservatism, is playing out with the current protests. Below is a link to the entire Washington Post article.


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