20 Sep 2011

Families: How To Do Well in School!

Start the school year right by following these simple tips:
    Read for pleasure!  Everyone enjoys reading something, be it fiction, non-fiction, magazines, or even the sports section of the newspaper! Find an interest and read about it, or find a favorite author or series. This will not only help to sharpen your skills, but also allow for a welcome break from studying! Schedule a family reading time, limit time in front of the computer and TV, and take regular trips to the library and book store. 
    Be organized!  This is essential to doing well in school. Many students fall behind simply because they lack basic organizational and study skills. Go through your backpack weekly, keep neat and accurate notebooks, and always get your parents involved. Time management strategies, such as using calendars, prioritizing homework, and maintaining a personal, designated homework space will also help you to stay on top of things.
    Talk to your teachers!  Your teacher is there help you succeed. It’s always a good idea to find out exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to projects and assignments, or even classroom participation. Ask for help if you are having trouble understanding something. If you feel like you may need some additional instruction, talk to your teacher and / or parents about finding a tutor.

    Have Efficient Study Strategies!  There are many different strategies for studying, and it’s important to find the ones that work for you. Efficient reading and note taking help create a solid foundation when the time comes to prepare for an exam. Highlight your books, or use post-it notes to keep track of important points. Study notes periodically, not just right before the test. Flash cards, visual organizers such as a web or chart, and mnemonic strategies are always helpful, and working on sample problems is the best approach for math preparation.

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