21 Apr 2015

Fourth Quarter – The Final Push

For middle and high school students, the fourth quarter of the school year is the most important; final exams usually count for a large portion of their grades, and now is their last opportunity to make sure they do their very best. Because of this, it is appropriate to add a little extra effort this quarter. Here are ten tips to help ensure things go as smoothly as possible during this otherwise stressful time.

1.) Use a calendar to write down final exams, due dates of projects, and everything else. This includes extracurricular activities, rehearsals, lessons, practices, and social and familial obligations. Shed what you can, at least temporarily, to make sure you aren’t overextending yourself.

2.) Assess what needs to be done for every exam, paper, and project, and how much time will be involved for each.

3.) Make a plan to prevent cramming. Information is best absorbed in small chunks over several days or weeks rather than all at once. Your calendar can help with this!

4.) Talk to teachers about making up missed work, getting help with missed concepts, and what exactly to study for exams. Ask about extra credit too, if needed.

5.) Pursue active studying. Don’t just read the material. Say it out loud, or have a friend or family member test you. Study groups are often helpful.

6.) Create your own study guide. It’s always nice to have one from the teacher, but the kind where the student does his own research to fill in the blanks is more effective.

7.) To alleviate stress, incorporate regular exercise, time for fun activities, and short breaks while doing homework.

8.) Get an adequate amount of sleep to help keep the brain sharp.

9.) Reward yourself for time spent studying. Recent research shows that rewarding children for good grades does not work because the reward is too far in the future. However, a small treat after some solid study time might be more effective when urging students to complete their tasks.

10.) Get extra help. Be aware of which classes give you the most trouble, and therefore require more time and help. We at Tutoring For Success are always happy to locate subject tutors, test prep instructors, and time management coaches when needed.

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