15 Feb 2019

Getting Places on Time

Are you one of those people who is always late? Is your child often late for school or extra-curricular activities? Are you stressed about being late, especially for important events like movies, weddings, and flights? If so, you are not alone. No matter how much we try, some of us consistently struggle with being on time, while those who are always on time seem to do so effortlessly. Here are some techniques to help you change your habit, reduce stress, and gain more control over your life.
1.    Make being on time a priority, not an afterthought. People who are punctual think it is important and necessary.
2.Have an appointment? Set an alarm for when it is time to get ready, not time to go. When the alarm rings, you need to stop what you are doing.
3.Preparation is important. When you need to leave for an appointment, for most people it will take at least ten minutes to go to the bathroom, get your stuff together, and possibly take out the dogs.
4.    Is the phone ringing or a text coming in when you are getting ready to leave? Unless it is urgent, let it wait.
5.    Chronically late for school? Set the alarm earlier and try to eliminate morning distractions.
6.    After all of this, add an extra 15 minutes. There may be traffic or you make miss a turn.
7.    Try to be early. Think of how great it will be to be calm and relaxed, have time to take a few deep breaths, take a minute to check your phone, and congratulate yourself for training yourself to be punctual.

While it’s true that some people run naturally late, anyone can still learn how to get places on time. Look at the point of view of the teacher, who is distracted by students walking in late, and the friend who always has to wait for you. By making punctuality a priority, you are telling people that you respect them and their time.

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