29 Nov 2012

How a Math Tutor Can Help Your Child

At Tutoring For Success, math has always been our most requested subject. With the right tutor, many students who struggle with math can overcome blocks, become more adept in any level of math, and even learn to enjoy it.

Math is a cumulative process.  If you did not learn your multiplications tables fluently, you will have difficulty with fractions.  If you did not learn your fractions fluently, you will have difficulty with algebra.  A gap in one or more of the basic math skills can cause a variety of difficulties later on.  Here are some ways that a math tutor can help:

1.      Address gap areas that are not fluent or causing confusion.

2.      Clarify and more thoroughly explain concepts that the teacher has not adequately explained

3.      Provide short cuts to help complete math problems quicker and more efficiently

4.      Work with the student to come up with an effective study strategy to prepare for tests

5.      Offer real life examples to make math more relevant

6.      Teach special strategies for acing the SAT or ACT

7.      Find ways to make math interesting to improve motivation

8.      Help the student catch up when he or she has missed class due to illness

At Tutoring For Success, we choose our math tutors very carefully.  They have significant teaching experience, patience, and a variety of ways to teach the concepts.  Many of them have math related careers and can easily come up with real life applications.  To really be proficient in math, you should know several ways to solve problems.  It needs to all make sense.

While not every student needs a math tutor, if you see your child struggling, don’t wait too long for problems to resolve themselves.  Because so much of math is cumulative, without intervention small problems now can become bigger problems later.

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