29 Jun 2012

Reading With An eReader

Reading is changing in a big way! Now, more than ever, people are using eReaders such as Nooks, Kindles, and iPads to read their favorite books, and children are no exception. If your child struggles with reading, getting an eReader device for him might be something worth considering. Here are just a few of the benefits:

·         Every eReader offers a wide variety of free books, many of them Classics, that your child can read free of charge! They also offer free samples, usually the first 30 pages, so you can be sure the book you buy is something you really want to read.

·         While some books are small and relatively portable, there are certainly plenty that are not. An eReader is compact and lightweight, and will always fit neatly in your bag or backpack.

·         Just finished a great story and can’t wait to share it with your friends? Most eReaders have applications that allow you to lend or share already purchased books instantly with other eReader users.

·         While Kindles and Nooks are the most common eReaders, many smart phones and tablets such as Androids, i Phones and i Pads come with free apps for these programs, too. Download them for free and begin reading wherever you are.  You can also read magazines and newspapers on eReaders.

·         When enjoying a book, does your child ever come across a word she doesn’t know? Instead of taking the time to look it up in the dictionary or online, Kindles and Nooks have a feature that allows you to look up the definition of a word instantly, right there on the tablet. This is an excellent tool for improving your child’s vocabulary.

·         Instead of running out to the bookstore or library to get that next book in the series you love, download it right away to your eReader and continue on with the story. No more waiting!

·         Just like with downloading music, purchasing eBooks is significantly less expensive than purchasing the book itself.

·         If you have a hard time getting your children interested in books, an eReader might help to change their minds. Using the same kind of device to read that they use to play games and surf the Internet could turn reading into a fun, interactive activity instead of something they have to do for school. 

While electronic readers may not be the perfect fit for everybody, there are certainly many benefits that come along with owning one. If you are looking for a way to make reading fun and accessible for your children, consider switching to electronic reading!

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