08 Jun 2020

Setting up a Fun and Productive Summer Schedule

When I was raising my children, they looked forward to unwinding in the summer, taking a break from academics, attending camp, swimming in the neighborhood pool, and playing with friends. While this summer will be different, it can still be fun and productive. Since we are in the business of education, we can offer structured programs in any academic subject to meet your scheduling preferences. Here are some tips for summer planning:
  • Have a daily schedule. A daily structure helps children feel secure and gives them more opportunity to be productive. This should include an agreed-upon wake-up time, reading time, academic time, outdoors time, and fun time.
  • Play with friends outside. Recent reports by the CDC show that the safest place to be is outside, practicing social distancing, and that the Covid 19 virus is not easily spread on surfaces. It is so important for children to experience free play with their friends, and this can be done safely.
  • Make “reading for pleasure” a part of everyone’s day. This is an ideal way to maintain important skills like reading fluency, grammar, spelling, and writing. Better yet, start a book discussion group with friends. They can meet on Zoom or on someone’s deck. Or have a family book discussion at home.
  • Work on household skills, including cooking, baking, organizing, and bed making. This is a great opportunity to teach about healthy eating and let your children learn how to prepare food that they enjoy.
  • Practice grade appropriate math, using online materials or workbooks. Math is one of those “use it or lose it” subjects. 15 minutes a day or one hour a week is enough to keep up math skills for many students. For students who are behind in math, summer is an excellent time to get a tutor to help you catch up online.
  • Tighten your family bonds by spending scheduled time together, including game night, movie night, and outside playing.
  • Is your summer vacation cancelled? Take day trips to local parks or travel outside of your local area to visit new places. A day trip in the mountains of West Virginia can be many breaths of fresh air and fun. Take advantage of wonderful hikes on the less traveled trails.
  • Keep in touch with grandparents and other relatives by writing them letters, sending them videos, and interviewing them about their lives.
  • Learn something new this summer. Everyone has interests, and summer is an excellent time to pursue them.
  • Prevent learning loss by scheduling academic time each day, even if only 45 minutes per day.
  • Hire a tutor to help focus on strengthening areas of weakness or review material from the school year.
We can help structure the academic portion of your day for maximum productivity. We also offer
free phone consultations. We are home just like you, so give us a call.

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