25 May 2012

Tips for Fantastic Finals!

Finals time is rapidly approaching, causing many students to feel anxious, stressed, and over-worked. While you can’t take the tests for them, you can build their confidence by encouraging smart study habits. Here are just a few tips for Fantastic Finals:

1.)    Get plenty of sleep. Your brain can’t work properly if you’re overtired, so give yourself the rest you deserve.

2.)    Have someone test you. Use flashcards or homemade study guides to easily condense important material.

3.)    Explain the material to someone else. If there are any areas that are difficult to describe, you will know that’s what you need to study.

4.)    PRACTICE math problems. With a subject like math, practicing ways to solve a variety of problems is the best way to prepare your brain.

5.)    Budget your time – Do not try to cram everything into one day. Cramming can leave you exhausted and frustrated; it is easiest to learn things at a steady pace, over time. You will also retain the material better afterwards.

6.)    Make a snack – Don’t study on an empty stomach. Proteins, fruits and veggies, and nuts such as almonds or walnuts are all great examples of Brain Food.

7.)    Take a break every 30-40 minutes, and so something physical if you can. Go for a quick walk, do some jumping jacks, or just sit outside and breathe some fresh air. Give your mind a chance to reboot.

8.)    Create study groups with friends and classmates. If you aren’t able to meet with friends in person, try getting together on Skype or FaceTIme for study sessions.

9.)    Break down the material into small groups, and study one group each day. This will give your sessions more focus.

10.)  Ask your teacher questions about what the test will cover, and what kind of questions to expect. You will be grateful for the guidance.

These are, of course, just a FEW things you can do to make your study sessions less painful and more productive. Talk with your child and see if you both can come up with your own ideas. As always, getting a tutor is a great way to make sure students are getting the appropriate instruction, even if it’s just to reinforce existing skills.

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