01 May 2012

Ways to Boost Your Grades This Spring

Are you feeling stressed by the end of the school year?
Do you need a little extra encouragement to keep yourself going through June?

Here are some simple tips to keep your grades (and your confidence!) up this Spring:

Here are some tips to share with your children:

  • Ask your teacher what you can do to increase your grade. It might be easier than you thought.
  • Make a schedule of your tests and quizzes in January. Then map out time in your schedule to review material. Avoid cramming all in one night.
  • While reviewing material (in advance), you may notice topics that you don’t understand. Go see your teacher for help during study hall or after school.
  • You can learn and absorb more by studying with a friend. This is now easier than ever to do with Face Time or Skype.
  • Map out long term projects that are due at the end of the quarter. Divide tasks into days, and enter in a calendar or planner. Teachers expect you to put time and thought into long term projects.
  • Be sure to look at the rubric for each project and check to make sure you complete each item thoroughly.
  • If getting good grades is important to you (I know it’s important to college admissions counselors) some focused planning at the end of each quarter can really make a difference.

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