04 Jul 2018

Advantages of Taking the Summer SAT

For high school students looking to take the SAT this upcoming year, the NEW summer SAT provides an amazing opportunity to better prepare! 

Whether your child has never taken the SAT and is looking to do so next school year OR your child has taken it and is looking to improve his scores, summer could not be a better time to tackle the SAT. It is no secret that taking the SAT is a huge undertaking. When you add that to your child’s already heavy school work load, it can be very overwhelming. Imagine having time to focus, without the obligation of homework, being able to do a practice test earlier in the day, and having time to analyze the answers. Since summer is free of the normal school year academic burdens, the August 26th test date gives students an opportunity to take full advantage of their summer by making the SAT a prime focus.

Here are the best ways to use the summer to prepare for the SAT:

 Do the practice tests from the Official Study Guide, by the College Board. 

J    Just complete one section at a time, and then go over the answer explanations for the problems you got wrong.  While there are many SAT prep books, the College Board book uses material from real SAT’s or very similar questions.  At first, don’t worry about timing yourself.  With more practice, you will get faster.

 Narrow down where you need the most help, and focus on those areas. 

     This may be math, reading, or grammar.  Within the math section, you may need to focus on geometry, algebra, or trigonometry.

Work with a tutor to prepare an SAT Prep program. 

      An experienced tutor can help you focus on the areas that you need to work on most, give you similar problems to practice focus areas, and teach you unique SAT strategies to solve problems quickly and more efficiently. The tutor can additionally help you work on timing so that you can finish all or most of the SAT in the time allotted, and develop a plan to review and practice each section. Finally, an expert tutor can assist with motivation and confidence building.
4.      When you sign up for the SAT or ACT, pay a little extra to receive student answer verification.  Then you will be able to go over the questions that were incorrect.

Take advantage of your summer!

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