27 Mar 2014

Homework Time: How Much is Enough?

When I was in college, I thought I needed to spend hours and hours studying, but it was too much time, and I ultimately wasted much of it wandering around the library, looking at unrelated books, and talking with friends. My first quarter grades reflected my lack of focus.  The second quarter, I tried a new approach.  I allowed two hours per day for homework and focused the whole time on my work.  The result was better attention and better grades.

How much time do your children set aside for homework and, most importantly, is it focused time? Do your children stay up too late doing homework?  Can you pinpoint the reasons?
  • One subject or problem is taking too long. 
  • Student is wasting time, or not focused. 
  • One or more teachers assigned too much work. 
  • The student is procrastinating or avoiding one or more assignments. 
Comment on this post using your Google account, and join in on the conversation! Let’s pinpoint the trouble areas with the goal of doing homework faster and more efficiently. 

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